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Unfair team balancing
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OH I am seriously angry while typing you guys this would you feel if you are playing in a football (90 min) match and everything is going great for even manage to score a goal or 2 for your team and 5 min before the end game wissle a guy leaves the other team for some reason and they tell you to balance out the teams you must go over to the other team...the wissle blows and you get nothing...your a loser! that is what just happend to a king of the hill game my team had 92 points(Win at 100)...i died for the first time during the session after I had an absolute great session...killed about 15-20 guys and died once. if my team wins I get $40000+ money i can spend on new Equipment...The moment I died a message pops up saying the teams need to be re balanced and i must now join the independent team. the independent team has 3 points to the red's 95 at this point...I thought ok let me Finnish maybe it accounts for all my kills while i was in the objective zone...NOTHING...&^%^$# NOTHING...$1000 is what i got...That is &^%$ Nothing...seriously why wasn't the last guys to join my team ported to other teams...Seriously I am now so pissed! Oh I forgot to mention...I was on that team from the start of the Game...I didnot even join late.&*^%%$


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manualy join a specific team

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So you want team balancing? Why didn't you say that with one sentence?

But...King of the Hill isn't an official ArmA 3 it?

I think that the Arma dev cannot do anything for you.....

Koala added a comment.Jan 30 2016, 5:45 PM

Please visit the forum of the creators (Sa-matra) of "King of the Hill" if you have a problem with that multiplayer mode.

As far as I know, you will get compensation points if the system forces you to change the team.