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Eden does not save "values" attributes properly for custom modules (values get rounded?)
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I'm using a mod me and Ryan have made (named Zombies & Demons) and I'm experiencing a strange bug with some of our modules.

We have a zombie spawner module, I place it, and when opening the attributes, if I select the 'type' of zombie I would like in the dropdown menu (typeName = "Number"), the module doesn't save it properly.



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Steps To Reproduce

If you wish to reproduce -

Download zombies&demons
Go into 3den, place a 'Spawner' module and change the values of ANY of the dropdown menus.
Press save.
Re-open the attributes and notice how they changed.

Additional Information

I did some testing and I'm pretty sure that the values are getting rounded upwards (in steps of 0.5?)


(see the config.cpp for reference to what I'm saying below)

It happens with ALL dropdown menus but let's say the 'type' dropdown menus:

Type8 (@ line 64) has value = 0.55 - If i select that in the attributes and save & re-open the attributes window, it will return with type0, aka value = 0.95

If I however select type10, which has value = 0.45 - it will return with type9, aka value = 0.50

The rounding to type9 happens with type11,14,12,13 and even type9 itself.

Anything above value = 0.50 is rounded to the highest value, in this case to value = 0.95 ("Manually Add")

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Numeric values were accidentally saved as integers, not floats. Should be fixed in the next update.