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playMusic loses place in long songs when player alt-tabs
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When using playMusic [name, start] to start in the middle of custom track defined in description.ext, ARMA loses track of how far into the music it is when the player alt-tabs. This only appears to occur for tracks above some length (a 3 minute track didn't have this issue, while 7, 12, 15, and 29 minute tracks did), but when it does occur, it happens 100% of the time. This reset only happens the first time the player alt-tabs, and it appears that it always resets to an earlier part of the song.

I haven't been able to reproduce this with the in-game tracks, but that may be because none of the tracks I tried were long enough.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a sufficiently long .ogg track and import it by adding a CfgMusic section to the description.ext of a mission.
  2. Start the mission, and use playMusic [name,start] to start the music at some point in the track.
  3. Alt-tab out of the game and alt-tab back in.
  4. The music will not be at the same point as it was before you alt-tabbed.
Additional Information

A repro mission is attached. The music file used is a 7:31 compilation of various ARMA 3 songs. The music will start using playMusic ["custommusic",200], and will reset to somewhere in the first song if alt-tabbed. Other values for start can be used through the debug console; the issue appears to happen with start times greater than 95-100 or so.

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I noticed this also happens when you pause the game. I was going to report a new issue but think this may be similar. I am on RC build for EDEN update.

The issue i am having affects both in-game music and custom music defined in DESCRIPTION file. Either during music track, or even after the track ends, if you pause the game and unpause, the music plays over again (from start).

this is RESOLVED. Thanks