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Seperation of Effect Sound Volumes
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Would it be possible, to separate weapon, explosions, etc; volume control from other sound effects ie; ocean, birds, door opening and closing. I realize many players want "realism" and that's fine. I myself, and I believe there would be many others who would like to be able to hear all of the sounds provided in this game. For me, that is exactly what this is, a game. And I would like to be able to enjoy it, hearing those other sounds, without turning down the effect volume so that when a weapon is fired it doesn't wake the baby or hurt my ears.

On a side note, I'm a Vietnam Veteran, I've had my share of "realism".

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.


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Maybe some kind of menu where you set the percentage of the specific sounds and the current Effects volume is some how the master volume for the effects?

Hey guys,

I am close with the audio guys at bohemia and it is planned to give the players control over the dynamic range of the audio. Dynamic range = differences in volume between quieter and louder audio elements. Although it's planned I can not say when it will be implemented.

There will be NO slider for different sound categories like "environment", "weapons", "vehicle engines" because this would change the overall audio mix, creating a possibility of users breaking their own audio and also cheating.

Right now an alternative that seems to work for some people is "volume normalizers". For Realtek's devices it's called "loudness equalization". Creative cards call it SVM (smart volume management) It will turn the volume up when things are quiet so that you as the user don't have to turn up/down the volume all the time depending on what's happening ingame.

I hope this helps a bit while we patiently wait for the hard working audio fellas to implement the dynamic range options.

Thank you for the information, much appreciated. Please, also thank the audio team at Bohemia. I believe what they are planning will be welcomed, at least by me it will.