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Inability to access modded empty vehicles (Request to have optional empty vehicle list again)
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With the Eden Editor the ability to place empty versions of vehicles only applies to vehicles which are actually crewed and then with a key you can place an empty version. However many mod developers (especially those which don't make spawn-able crewed units) don't have all their vehicle versions spawn-able with a crew, this means those vehicles cannot be spawned normally in the editor.

A good example is the RHS mod which has several variations of vehicles like humvee's but some are only in the empty section in the normal 2d editor and don't have crewed variants.

This is where this report partially turns into a feature request also as it would be great to have the empty section from the 2d editor put into Eden's so we could access all these vehicles which are currently unnacessible.


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(I'm not sure if the vanilla game has any non-crewed variants of vehicles) but open the Eden editor.

Try and spawn that un-crewed vehicle.

Additional Information

While it not be the case for most, some mod developers might not include certain vehicles if they can't be spawned in or the developer has to make a crewed version.

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Could you please let us know which RHS vehicles are suffering from this?

When I check the mod, I can't find any vehicle which would appear only under empty side.

While crewed vehicles are neatly sorted by factions, their empty variants are all in one long (and messy) category, because faction filtering is missing there. Isn't it possible you're confused by this? This is actually one of the reasons why we decided to to list empty vehicles separately in the Eden Editor.

I know for sure that RHS variants of the GAZ are not all spawnable with crew as I'm pretty sure the Virtual Garage skin changing has not been applied. I'm also pretty confident that some versions of the Humvee's are also not in the crewed section. It's not only RHS however, various mods which add new factions do not create crewed versions.

Could it not be an Eden option to put the 'Empty' category back in from the 2d Editor in the original messy list? With the new search bar it would make finding them even easier.