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assignTeam not broadcasted in MP
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Player subordinates of player group leaders are not aware of what team they are in.

Client A (group leader):


_x assignTeam 'RED';

} count (units (group player));

Client B (group subordinate):

hint str (assignedTeam player); // "MAIN"


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Please have a look at updated description for assignTeam, this should clear things up a bit

BTW even when using in game UI the team information is not broadcast to another player, but you can rectify this by doing it yourself:


_x assignTeam "RED";

if (isPlayer _x) then

		[_x, "RED"] remoteExecCall ["assignTeam", _x];

forEach units group player;

Thanks for the response.

How do I insert a remote execution call into the Team management UI of the IGUI group bar?

AFAIK, I would still have to have some scripted management for squad leader to monitor local team changes (made with the IGUI) in order to broadcast. I don't know a way, without using addons, to modify the igui code.

I believe the assignTeam / assignedTeam commands should be extended for global args/effects.

As an example use case to support extending its functionality, one of the most widely used and popular A3 mods, ShackTac Fireteam HUD, uses a scripted loop to provide global-effect support to assignTeam/assignedTeam.

I wouldn't bet on what was the reason behind this being local, maybe because it was meant for the leader's eyes only. It doesn't seem to be a bug, so I suggest maybe making a feature request so it can be reviewed as such and assigned priority.

This one can be marked as resolved, thanks team