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clientOwner reports wrong ID
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clientOwner will report a wrong ID when used in a resumed multiplayer game.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Select Multiplayer -> "Host new session" -> LAN
  2. Select any mission with a debug console
  3. Open debug console and execute:

hint str [owner player, clientOwner]

It will report [2,2] which is correct.

  1. Press ESC -> "Save and quit"
  2. In the mission select screen, RESUME (not "restart"!) the same mission
  3. Open debug console again:

hint str [owner player, clientOwner]

It will report [2,3] this time, which is wrong.

Additional Information

The same happens with clients that are connected to the LAN game. These wrong IDs will increase further the more often the game was saved and resumed.
"owner player" reports the correct ID, which can be tested with publicVariableClient.
It is important that this is tested in a resumed and not in a restarted game.

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Apparently the fact that clientOwner gets ++ed is "as designed". There was a reason for it no one remembers now. So you are probably better off finding a workaround. Works fine on dedicated though.