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Campaign saves dont work/always resetting as if i did not play.
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After not playing Arma 3 for some time I decided to play the Campaigns again. Previously I finished all the missions. As I eneterd I noticed there was no sign of unlocked mission. Everytime I play and go out of the campaign, it always resets all my campaigns as if I have never played them, no sign of saved games or progress. If I use cheat to unlock them all, it does the same. After cheat to unlock all also when I go to higher submenu it resets all.


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Are you using any mods? There are some mods, causing the savegames to become broken.


are you running any mods with the game? These might be causing these issues as suggested by R3vo.

Are you using default path for the Profile? If not, please make sure that your Profile is stored somewhere where it does not get deleted by accident.

Thank you

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hello, I have mods installed but this is happening without using them just with pure game. And I am using default path for the profile. I already tried to delete Arma 3 folder in Documents but without success. Now even my own created missions are gone. I still have the sqm files but it does not load them in the editor.

You can close this. After clean reinstall it is working again.