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Feature Request: Asset Browser to include SQF/SQM script files used in missions with full featured script editor
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A nice to have feature would be a full featured script editor built into the Asset Browser(s). A new top level folder would show all scripts in the mission folder available for editing. Clicking on the script would bring up a fully featured editor similar to Notepad++ Add In or VS Code Add In.


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An ellipse could be also added to dialogs where scripts are currently entered (i.e. Unit Init, Trigger Conditions, etc.) to also bring up this fully featured editor. This would be in addition to any description.ext editor included in Eden Editor.

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I wouldn't want my game screen to be tied up in a script editor when I am developing missions. It would make more sense to develop an official standalone IDE similar to existing ones like poseidon. (

Same as above, atom poiseidon or sublime are here for that, no need to give BI more work for no real benefits.

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Thanks for the interesting comments... to me Eden is an IDE already... and having to go to another tool outside of the application I'm already in seems like a less streamlined workflow.

Most of us who do a ton of scripting already open an editor that is in full screen outside of ArmA anyway (re: Poseidon, Sublime, etc.) and takes us away from the main mission editing views and tools presented inside ArmA. Why not have those pieces "Integrated" with the rest of the mission editing toolset presented inside Eden? For example, one benefit would be that "plopped" assets in Eden that have assigned variables can be immediately recognized and supported as a part of the editing experience and could help reduce script errors...