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"CheckboxState" control doesn't disable the other attributes in the category once they've got changed
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My understanding of the CheckBoxState control is that it should disable all the other attributes in the category. Which works pretty well visually in the attribute editor, however once the attribute(any attribute which gets disabled by CheckBoxState) has been changed, that attribute will be still applied on the object.

Additionally, the custom attributes are not getting applied if I don't change them (even if they have default value).Although get3DENAttribute returns the default value.

Please let me know if it's a design decision.


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I am currently also working on a mod for 3den, is the Checkbox control correctly returning the _value variable for you?

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Yes it is, however, if I don't touch it (edit: just placing the object, not clicking on the checkbox), it doesn't apply the attribute (not returning anything, the expression isn't called, the attribute is not saved in mission.sqm). Not sure if I do something wrong or maybe it's the way it supposed to be.

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I have similar issues, we should probably wait for some response here. I don't know what I am doing wrong. If I edit the allowDamage attribute it returns the value alright, but as soon as I create a custom attribute and even inherit from allowDamage, the value won't be returned.

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