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The marker texts are not visible within EDEN editor unless you select the marker. This can be painful when creating many markers and wanting them visible with TEXT. I can understand where this may be helpful, but think its more of a pain not to have it. If people want to hide markers, i guess layers is the better option. Please bring this back :)


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Place markers and give them names in 3D Editor. Text is not visible but the marker itself is. This goes for both system markers and others.

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Upvoted, at least add an option in the preferences menu to enable it.


thank you for your feedback, we will look into this.


thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it. This issue should be fixed in one of upcoming Steam Dev updates and later in the Stable update.

Please let us know if the problem is still present.

Thank you

You guys are awesome. I can confirm that it's working in latest dev branch...however i now see a new issue.

When selecting the "EMPTY" type marker, the marker is completely invisible now. However the marker is still there as when you take your mouse and hover the area of where the marker was placed, it will show message. Does this make sense?

Hello again,

so this should be fixed in upcoming Steam Dev update. Please let us know if it's working alright once you try it.

R3vo added a comment.Jan 19 2016, 4:56 PM

Text is now available, but I have two suggestions/request:

Would it be possible to have the text above the marker. Right now the first letter of the text is hard to read, and it looks kinda out of place.

In adddition, any chance to have the same done for triggers? Currently one has to hover over every trigger to find the right one. I found that quite annoying especially if one has 20 triggers close to each other.

I am pretty sure it's not a big deal to implement for the splendid 3den Editors ;)

Please create a new FT ticket for these suggestions.

Originally reported issues/suggestions RESOLVED. TY!