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More realistic Smoke & Dust Effects
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The smoke effects ingame are kinda limited now. Such as when landing a helicopter in desert/sandy terrain it just creates small dust/smoke effects even though in real life its much bigger wich also adds the challange that pilots need to land before the dust cloud hits up & blocks the visibility.
Video (Desert RL):

Then for the normal smoke it kinda misses a lot. Would love to see something like this instead:

Also for Rocket-launchers the smoke at the backblast is limited. I would love to see a little bit more smoke coming out of those launchers like in real life.


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Duplicate of #0003841 (more smoke)

Duplicate of #0017963 (more dust)

thrown just 4 smoke grenades for cover... ehmm yes... ai had good laugh.

@RueLight its raining so smokescreens cant really build up

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thrown just 4 smoke grenades for cover... ehmm yes... ai had good laugh.

Hello, a fix for this issue should be already present in the Dev branch, you might want to check it out there. Once there is an update of Stable branch, fix will be included there as well