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Give mission makers greater control over vehicle optics.
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Most of the armed ground vehicles in ARMA 3 have very powerful optics that let them easily spot and accurately engage enemies at ranges of more than a kilometer. This can make it very difficult to fit them into multiplayer combined arms missions outside of a few types of terrain, as they tend to annihilate anything within line of sight.

Currently, there are a few commands that limit vehicle optics (disableNVGEquipment and disableTIEquipment) that help balance things out a little. Additional commands should be added to give mission makers more options for fitting vehicles into their missions. These might include:

disableRangefinder -- Hides or otherwise disables vehicle rangefinder.
disableMagnification -- Disables magnification beyond the "normal" right click zoom.


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Now that we have related features such as enableDirectionStabilization, it would be nice to add some of these commands to go along with that. disableRangefinder in particular would be very cool to have; now that the Tanks DLC improvements are in, it could also be subdivided into disabling just the rangefinder readout and disabling the full FCS auto-zeroing/auto-leading functions.