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Game loads fine, when click on menu game crashes. 0xC0000005 ACCESS_VILOATION_ERROR
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Game loads up to the menu, but the time i click on Play or any other thing oln the menu the game crashes. Happens every time I try to play. Been happening for nearly a month.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Run Steam
Start Game
Game Loads
Click on any menu item such as play or settings.

Additional Information

msi gtx 970
i7 4790k
HyperX 16gb Ram
Win 7

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TutSi added a comment.Jan 3 2016, 6:08 PM

Did you tried veryfing game files?

I have the same problem.

Did you tried veryfing game files?

yup dosen´t work thanks for trying tho. PLEASE help.

Adam added a comment.Jan 4 2016, 12:29 PM

Hey, could you please try reproducing the issue without using windows allocator? Thanks.

dcmgame added a subscriber: dcmgame.May 8 2016, 1:25 PM

dear admin, what do you mean without using windows allocator? im not a computer expert. please advice.

What i have tried so far..

A clean reinstall of the game.
verification checks.