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Please make being on the vehicle possible (character & Objects)
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I see bi limitation that breaks immersion and reality a little. Its (im)possibility for being on vehicles for everything - player and objects. There is great fire rate on IFV vehicles in RHS mod - sheels are ejecting but what happen? They fly through the vehicle to the ground. ACE 3 have great repair vehicle feature, but its sometimes hard to get in radious for damaged part on modded content - with possibility of walking ON vehicles problem would be gone. Its very odd, that player is not able to do such thing, even BF 1942 had that feature. I dont know to report is as bug (beacuse its in some part BUG) or feature request, but making this into the game would be really cool feature. Taxi driving with people on vehicles, easy acces to damaged part, realistic behavior of any object on vehicle (to not fall through it). Please, create such possibility.


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