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FIXED: Low stamina breathing sound pauses when weapon is deployed
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When the player is at very low stamina, a breathing sound effect is played.

OBS: If the player has low stamina and can hear the breathing effect, then deploys his weapon (on bipod or object), the breathing sound stops. When the player undeploys the weapon, the breathing sound resumes if the player hasn't recovered enough stamina for the effect to stop. The sound also resumes automatically after several seconds.

EXP: Breathing sound should continue even when weapon is deployed. The need to breath is not related to weapon deployment.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. In any mission, as a soldier unit, become severely fatigued. Heavy breathing sound will start.
  2. Deploy the player's weapon, either on the ground or on an object. Notice breathing sound stops.
  3. Undeploy the player's weapon. Notice breathing sound resume.
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Tested in stable build 1.54.133741

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Resolved in dev build 1.65.138014 :)

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