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Clothing effects?
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I was thinking it over and one of the main things about this game is how loud it is in say, King of the Hill, you cant take those earphones off without risking hearing damage, yes I could turn down the effects sound but my main way of staying aware of the enemy is listening for footsteps, so I thought, one of my favorite hats in the game is the Rangemasters cap, which is simply a hat with a pair of shooting muffs on it.

Now judging by the mic and such on it its a high quality pair of the electric muffs, meaning its designed to block out sounds above a certain decibel while leaving you able to hear normal sounds that wouldnt cause any problems.

So what if, not saying Bohemia as much as maybe the modding community can do the work for them and they can tie it into the main game, could make clothing have more effects like that? I was also considering maybe Opfor clothing, since its air conditioned, should provide certain perks for that as well as that would keep a soldier comfortable in pretty much any environment for extended periods of time.

Same for say the Chest Rig, while im not a fan of it being there by any means, theres a water bladder on the back, maybe that could have perks as well?

Now honestly dont take this super seriously as I also feel the game would get weird when you do stuff like that, makes it feel more like an RPG game or something when armor has abilities and buffs. But maybe some passive, not announced perks would be interesting?


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Then add a HUD to the Defender Helmet of the opfor and a PiP support for the Camera helmets.

Why an HUD for the Defender? If you havnt looked its literally the Protector helmet but the little eye pieces slide up into the helmet, while defender has them pulled out. I suppose they could have an HUD built into them but they look like just pieces of glass to protect your eyes (if rather uselessly). Now Tactical Glasses would be cool to have an HUD on I suppose but the game has an HUD by standard obviously so its hard to tell what an extra HUD could add to anything... maybe the on screen waypoints and squad hex's can show up in Elite difficulty if you wear the tac glasses?

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So basically you just want active hearing protection like for example:

Sure it would be nice to have but just seems difficult to create and impliment.

It's cool and all, but I don't think BI should spend any resources to implement this. Dehydration and overheating are not even features in the game. The only modifier they're related to is fatigue, but I think keeping track of the weight is enough.

Yeah thats about what your wearing, just throwing the idea around really, hoping they'll put that kind of thing in though, it kinda sucks having to keep ear plugs in on say King of the Hill to keep from going deaf yet still need to hear footsteps and all, but thats realistic I suppose

Oh by no means should they do it anytime soon XD There are... MANY more important things for them to do. I mean this is just an idea im sure they have their hands quite full what with Arma 3 almost done and DayZ standalone in limbo due to budget.