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Server Crash 1.54
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My server crash every 30min-2h.... {F27586} {F27587} {F27588}


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Hey Everyone.

I have been doing quite a bit of testing with this issue, and so everyone is aware I host Altis Life server. We have been plagued with these crashes. On average from 10 minutes to an hour at best.

I have done quite abit of research into what has been happening and One thing stands out, Windows.

As such I wanted to confirm my findings by setting up a server hosted under linux. So I purchased a VPS with Ubuntu pre-installed and installed my server on that. And the results were shocking to say the least.

Not one crash at all. Desync just as you'd expect from a low grade VPS server but that server survived without a crash for upto 7 hours where it was restarted normally.

This issue has been around since late July. Not sure why but there was evidence of this issue back then. So Bohemia Interactive this has something to do with the way ARMA is trying to store data to memory under a Windows Based environment.

Also anyone experiencing this issue. grab a VPS server with what you afford and or use HyperV to run ARMA under Ubuntu or other linux based OS

Uploaded crashes with performance v6 (Crash_withV6.rar).