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How about russian weapons ?
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This is no issue - it's just a request.

Im a big fan of russian weapons like the AK47, AK74, AKMS, RPG, RPK ecetera.

Iam sad that this weapons completely missing in this game and want to ask if you can't bring such weapons as well.
I hope Iam right here with this request.


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Change your ticket topic to feature request pls so it is correct. Weapon visualization is for bugs in the weapon models. ^^

I agree with you, P4R4S, but I think they're not gonna be realized by BIStudio.
Anyway I think there's some mods about those weapons :)

I've voted "yes" anyway!

PS: Agree with TheMasterofBlubb: change the topic category! :)

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I upvoted, but i know it will never happen. There is vanilla weapon smilar to AK-12 in the game, but i dont remember its name. More - if you love so Russian weapons Try RHS escalation mod - i'm more than sure you gonna love it. Most of people cant play A3 without it.

PS : This smillar to AK12 weapon is ABR from marksman DLC

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Oh ... you're right I not seen this option ':D ...
ok - done.

In the Epoch mod is an AK47 or was it 74 (?).
But I not talk about mods I talk about introduce into the hole game !

and thanks for your support :)