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Explosion sounds are extremely irritating
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since the last update the sounds of explosions have changed and man ... really I have no idea why the hell you changed this but please ... bring back the old sounds !
It sounds like a really big thing is tramping threw the area - and not like explosions have to sound !
My opinion and my friends and many other player think the same!

and excuse the gramtical mistakes - english isn't my main language.


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Small hint:
If you really like to improve the game then take care about the bugs and glitches and fix them or what would be really helpful: stop the automatically changes of the fire mode. Also it should be automatically at auto not semi (when you spawn or when ever).
It's really bad - you walk threw the area and see an enemy and shoot and the god damit firemode changed to semi again for whatever reason ...
Maybe you died (if you not lose your wpn anyway) or you entered a vehicle or whatever - I have to test every few seconds if the correct one is in usw.
Lost Attention which would be better elsewhere ...
and to the guys who commented here - THIS IS NOT THE TOPIC it's a remark !
And I not create another ticket for this because it allready excist !

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Btw did you ever used a sound mod? I think not. And additionaly explosions a re good right now. An explosion is just one big wave of low frequency. There are missing so a variations but thats ok.

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Why are you complaining about the independently fire mode switch (#0026215), but did create a ticket about the explosion sounds?

Ohh wait a sec. You said you firing mode switched. When and where?

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hm I think it's sometimes randomly - but allways when I die and get a reanimation, when I leave a vehicle (car, chopper what ever) or when I change my weapon and change it again.
and no - explosionsounds sucks now ! My friends and me hate it - many others complain too ! I askes player how the think about it - nobody had anything positive to say about it.
It's a bad and needless modification !

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ok Im sorry, I insert this last part to additional ...
It's just a remark and has nothing to do with the main problem.

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Sorry, I personally find them quite better now. It really is subjective anyway. Plus, as Koala said, one topic per ticket.
No offense, but you really sound like you just bought Arma, and would like to have a game designed just for you.

P4R4S added a comment.Dec 8 2015, 4:35 AM

funny - I play this game for 2 years and maybe longer ...
Facepalm !

"quite better" I think Im in the wrong movie ...
Bu no wonder: nowadays dementia is normal !

P4R4S the main problem for other people is that this is the real sound of explosions (at least more real than before) and people made 100 of soundmods to achiev it. So now people can play almost without a soundmod. In my opinion its great. The less mods arma needs to be cool the better it gets. Thats my personell opinion.