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Adding a CfgRemoteExec file via a mission's Description.ext causes many synchronization issues!
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After doing a tonne of testing after my Zeus missions became unplayable, I have narrowed the cause of the issue down to one thing in the Description.ext

class CfgRemoteExec {

#include "sos\common\CfgRemoteExec.hpp"


My path is correct, there was no issue before 1.54. The mission loads correctly but here are some of the things we encountered.

  • Virtual Arsenal actions missing
  • Cannot change Weather with Zeus
  • Cannon change Time with Zeus
  • Players don't show up for Zeus as editable objects

All in all it seems that the majority of modules that require syncing with other players don't work at all.

This MUST be something to do with the recent changes to CfgRemoteExec or the deprecation of BIS_fnc_MP.

With the culprit code above commented out the mission works 100% correctly just without the security of defining individual remoteCalls.


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My CfgRemoteExec file looks like the following... (names are changed for security reasons).

class Commands {

mode    = 1;
jip     = 1;

class Functions {

mode    = 1;
jip     = 1;

class SOS_fnc_example1 {
    allowedTargets = 0;
class SOS_fnc_example2 {
    allowedTargets = 0;
class SOS_fnc_example3 {
    allowedTargets = 0;


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Confirmed broken.

Confirmed broken.

according to mode = 1 will only allow whitelisted calls, did you include everything needed in whitelist?

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I believe I have set everything up properly, however this wouldn't explain why all the Zeus Modules don't work with a CfgRemoteExec set up.

Also this worked before 1.54!

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Set mode to 2 (mode = 2;) then it works but the happy script kiddie time will start ^^ Thx BI

Seams to be connected to BIS_fnc_mp or something... in 1.54 BIS_fnc_mp is manged over remoteExec and this use the Cfg...