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Please add the End Game medical system inside the default arma3 online engine
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The medical system is a shame. It breaks the fun of the medic to go to the bad injured soldier. In ARMA2 if a soldier was bad injured, he would be on ground moving with pain but not translating to any desired place. That made the doctor or other soldier to go for the hurt person.
Now the hurt person always goes to the medic.

To solve this you could add the medical system that have the online End Game mode. That is much better than the one we already have.

It would be more desirable to create one like ACE3 or better and pay for it if you release as a download content. That way we would have more compatibility in online matches.


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As said, if you implement a payware download content with medical system there would be people that would pay for it. I am 44 years... not a fanboy, so know what I am talking about.


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The statement was the revive system will get in as a module when its finished.

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Does it mean it is going to be included as a payware module (or freeone one)? An advance module?

There are only pay weapons and vehicles and maps but everything regarding missions and technigue is free. So yes it will be free content. The revive system that you know from end gane is what later on should be available as a module that you place in your mission to have the revive from end game. (BTW you can google how to get it in your mission already.)