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breaking glass don't allow to enter buildings
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If you break a glass with the enough size to enter if it is broken, you won't be able to enter the building. It is like a invisible wall.


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Open the showcase Otan mission. Go to the passengers terminal and shoot the glass of any big window. Once it is broken try to enter. You cannot (before you could).
If you shot again to the space where it was the glass but it appears broken, you will hear the sound of broken glasses for ever.

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Didn't try in other type of buildings...

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Still the same in this last update of 2mb. One rare thing was that I saw how it was ok in a moment in a version before this last patch.. but later I tried and was the same. Maybe the situation changes with time.

The 2mb was not a Arma update it was a BattleEye update.....

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worth noting: I have read in other issue-tickets this seems to be related and vary according to whether or not the building has it's door open....

there's something comical about it... blast through window with a machinegun, nope - gotta open the door first XD

but it's indeed a bug - we're not shooting windows just for giggles (sometimes)

we got a war to win (or lose)

The whole issue is the same like in the other tickets the Server(or what ever) does not render the glass as broken so the doors are destroyed bu you cannot walk through. Same at the windows where you cannot shoot through because they are rendered as if they were there.