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Tank shot - tracer missing
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Since last patch the tracer of tank shots are missing. I only see APC fire with tracers, but not from tanks.


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get in a tank as a gunner, fire different ammo types. You dont see any lightning from the shot.

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tank tracers are realistic. Still missing real dust when firing and a bigger blast.

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TutSi added a comment.Dec 3 2015, 12:11 PM

Blast - ok, dust - ok, but tracer....
Real Sabot dont leave any trace, beacuse its simply too small, and dont have tracer mount on the end. Tracer is mounted mainly on HEAT, HE-FRAG.

HEAT and HE dont have tracer too.

? Please just open YouTube and watch videos. Also in our clan real tank drivers from the army said you see the shot fired. It is not realistic that the tank shot is invisible.

It dont need to be "tracer" i think, perhaps head signature you see as a gunner. It was good as it was, now with the patch its gone.

Lets play "realistic" tank sims like STEEL BEASTS PRO Pe. You will see the same there.

TutSi added a comment.Dec 3 2015, 6:06 PM

@Master - they have:

Now, on prving ground crews are not using SABOT rounds, beacuse they can ricochete and fly away from proving ground making damage in civilians, houses etc (where they shouldnt), so all rounds are HEAT based.

Dont know about US, but mainly Russian and ex-soviet republics are using tracers on HEAT and HE-frag rounds, beacuse of their trajectory and mass.

Tutsi i mean in game

TutSi added a comment.Dec 4 2015, 11:34 AM

Oh, then OK :D

razazel please take a look at the config value when the tracer starts. Im not sure but i think i saw a tracer today but it started at about 3km.
Used shell was He or HEAT.

Edit: Checked the config values nothing suspicious found

OK today i tried it again. I cant make a video cause my pc gets massive lags due to the render distance and HDD usage but i got all steps to reproduce.
1.Open Altis (in editor or zeus whatever)
2.160163 East of the airfield is a small hill place a T100 there.
3.128166 is a hill that you should target
4.Load He or HEAT shells and zero in on 1900m
5.Aim with the rangefinder display on the roof of the right tower
6.Fire a round
7.Look at the approximate location of where the bottom of the tower is
Finally in FLIR and in normal view you will see a Green tracer appearing for a very short amount of time.
Time of flight is about 5sec apart from that the Tracerstart config is 0.1(i assume sec)