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unable to load custom editor mission.
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After placing some units in ZEUS, saving it to clipboard in MCC, adding it to my mission.SQM and loading it in the editor I got an error stating this class does not exist:
class Item350

     side= "EMPTY";

If I removed this class and attempted to load it would say "unable to load"
If I just clicked "OK" It would load the mission like it should with all objects but after placing the player unit and clicking "PREVIEW" arma3 would crash and provide the error log attached.

Is there a way to save the mission progress?


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Is the issue reproducible without mods?

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I've often come across this minor issue, I believe the issue is with the MCC mod, not Arma/BIS.

All you need to do is replace all instances of 'vehicle="";' in your mission.sqm with a valid object.

e.g. vehicle="Land_HBarrier_5_F";

This will allow you to load the mission and then you can delete the object(s) located at [0,0,0].

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I do not know how I produced the issue. I didn't place anything special so I wouldn't know.

2600K, I just replaced it with that and it loaded the mission without errors but as soon as I clicked preview arma crashed again.

2600K added a comment.Dec 2 2015, 3:54 PM

Did you delete the object before previewing?

In your example the location is {0,0,0}, so you should see something in the far bottom left of the map editor screen that you will need to remove.

If you still don't see anything try using;

I use a few addons and the object example I gave earlier may not have been valid in vanilla arma.

It was at the bottom left and I removed it and then saved so it's gone in the mission.SQM but when I preview now it still crashes:

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Ah, looking at the last line on your report is 'APERSBoundingMine'... MCC's has issues with those too. Depending on how many you put down it could be a pain to undo (replace like before), if I remember rightly you won't even be able to see these in the editor until they're changed.

Unfortuantely the fault here lies with the MCC export tool and not something BIS can help with - Try asking for help in the editing section on the BIS forums or if MCC has its own thread there somewhere, someone may have script or something to quickly fix it.

MCC Thread:

Thank you. After removing the APERS mines I placed (I could simply remove them in the 2d editor) it started correctly. Problem is fixed. However, each time I reload the mission some objects (offroad, quad, small camping table, spotting scope,...) move like 10cm while the rest doesn't so this leads to items bit by bit shifting to locations they should not be in and messing up everything (destroying camo nets, stuff that was on the table is now floating,...)

Is this because I placed the items on a small slope and is there a fix for this?


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