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Constant application hangs when joining exile servers. 0xCFFFFFFF error
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Whenever i try to join into exile mod servers i'm able to play for awhile til my friend joins me and then we both experience crashes. Its always either while we are driving in the same vehicle or pass by certain areas both of our games crash and hard freeze at the same time and then we can never get back into the server. We both get application hang errors whenever we try to log back in. We make it past the lobby, it loads the characters (90 % of the time) and then as soon as the game loads in and i move one foot the game immediately hangs requiring me to ctrl alt delete to end the process. I will include the crash log that we are both recieving. Happens on multiple servers running different maps with different mods on each server and still the same end result everytime. {F27437}


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Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

Play for 20 minutes.
Friend logs in.
Meet up.
Drive in same car or walk for a few minutes within 30 ft of eachother.
Games simultaneously crash without fail everytime.

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First off, does the game crash or hang without mods? If it doesn't, its something the modders have to fix. BIS isn't resposible for fixing mods. If this kind of problem that modders can't fix and its caused by the base game. They(Edit:Modders) should report them selves.

Adam added a comment.Dec 1 2015, 8:24 AM

Please try reproducing the issue on unmodded version of the game as freexavier suggests. Thank you.

I get the same error, however, I don't have to do anything to repeat it. I just play for a while whether it is single player, wastelands or Zeus. It just happens and it annoys the hell out of me.