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1.55 - lowercase variable error messages
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Hi Bi,

it confused me completely that variable names are being complained in lower case. I didnt see this error before, but this means not that i just failed to recognize it.

Because it is a completely different variable: please to not "toLowerCase" them.
I was confused that i mixed things up and searched it like mad.

1374 if( typeName aj_VehicleStoreContent != "ARRAY" && cou>
1375 21:38:23 Error position: <aj_VehicleStoreContent != "ARRAY" && cou>
1376 21:38:23 Error Undefined variable in expression: aj_vehiclestorecontent

The message itself is untinteresting. Handling whatif cases at the moment to get a reasonable logging.


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  • Use a camelcase var
  • do something stupid with it
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Cant select 1.55

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There is no difference between MyVariBle = 123; and myvariabLe = 123; The error displays variable name in lower case for unification. It has been like this since beginning of time.

Hey KK you are still there.
maybe i programmaed to much other stuff in the last few months.

This is pretty annoying but at least it reminds you that all variables are case-insensitive. I would rather see all variable names converted to lowercase than to preserve the case in some situations and convert them to lowercase in others.