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"Respawn = 5;" disables "Revive"
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Hi folks!

There seems to be a problem:
If I use the following code in description.ext, the Arma3-Endgame-Template "Revive" does not work:

"respawn = 5;
respawnDelay = 20;
respawnOnStart = -1;
respawnButton = 0;
respawnDialog = 1;
respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "MenuPosition", "EndMission"};
reviveDelay = 20;
reviveBleedOutDelay = 600;"

As soon as a player is shot, game switches to the "select soldier"-Screen. A killed player does not enter revive-state.

If c. p. "respawn = 5;" is changed to "respawn = 3;" and a marker is set, the revive-template perfectly works.

Is there any Workaround so "Revive" can be used with "Respawn=5;"?

Thanks and all the best!

Arma 3 1.52
No Mods
Occurred in every mission i tried to implement this.


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End Game - Revive

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Respawn 5, it is when you play with character Ai along with you.

In his game, has some AI soldier following you?

Yes, I have some AI-Soldiers of the same side (in both cases BLUFOR) either running along or staying back at starting point.
So my idea was that if a player gets shot, he can be revived, but if time is exceeded, he can choose another AI-soldier to stay in the game.

Adam added a comment.Nov 23 2015, 2:02 PM

Hello, Revive is supported for only respawn type 2 and 3.

Thank you for your ticket.

Is there no chance for implementing "Revive" for respawn types 4 and 5?

Thanks for your answere!