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Radio trigger crashes the game
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Setting up a radio trigger either in the editor or via scripting and then trying to select that radio call crashes the game with ACCESS_VIOLATION error.

"The instruction at 0x01d19668 referenced memory at 0x00000004. The memory could not be read."


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. set up a radio trigger, like activation: Radio Juliet
  2. preview
  3. press 0 (zero) and the game crashes
Additional Information

crash log:

(could not upload that here because got a message about the file being too big even though clearly about 6Mb is less than 20Mb..)

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Should be fixed on Monday

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This bug was/is weird, just now realised it kinda protects you from it; if you had a 'empty' trigger which was later turned into a radio trigger via scripting there was no crash when pressing 0 (zero) and the radio call did not appear in the UI.

Dunno if related or a separate bug..