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Eden feature request - general improvement to the framework
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Hello there.

I would like to humbly propose a little improvement that perhaps could be done to make editor experience smoother for all of us.

There is a little tiny issue with current editor. When we place an unit from any addon (modded content) and save the scenario it gets added to addOnsAuto[]={}; and addOns[]={}; in mission.sqm.

The thing is, it stays there even if we delete it, and that can lead to compatibility issues which we have to fix manually - by removing non-used addon entries both from addOnsAuto[]={}; and addOns[]={};.

Mission launches just fine then, so I'd love to see this process automatised.


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Were you in the editor while you were changing the mission.sqm?

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No, the changes saved properly, the thing is there still were leftovers in addOnsAuto[]={} and addOns[]={} even after deleting content from the addons.

I think its a bug report not a feature request. Change it to Bug for 3DEN and change it to : you want that when you delete a kind of element (unit, vehicle etc) that every trace of it will be deleted in the mission files so there will be no ghost vehicles. Or another way would be just to check when saving if there is any kind of vehicle of this type if not delete it.