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RC Release, 154 - 3DEN download content missing
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When trying to play or open missions that were done in 152/3, i get errors now that its missing deleted content, 3DEN. By opening mission file and removing it from addons it works fine. This was not the case before RC update. {F27380}


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This issue made it to the final release 1.54, and now any mission edited using the previous patch (1.52 if I recall) is locked ! The problem appears to be the pbo containing CfgPatches named 3DEN which has been renamed or removed.

This is a critical retrocompatibility issue !

JCae, could you please set the severity level to the highest ?

ex in rpt :
19:35:46 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.3DEN

It is a critical issue.
the only solution is to open the mission.sqm of the mission and delete "3DEN" in the list of addons[] at the begining of the file.
Then mind to delete the comma at the end of line just adove.

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Looks like were gonna be forced to clean all mission sqms :p

Sorry guys can't change the urgency of ticket. Last time they jumped on a report from RC pretty quickly. Guess I expected the same here....

I'm sure in the morning they'll pick up on this. Just keep voting it up. As said before, workaround is to edit the mission file and remove the EDEN reference

This little "bug" was complete bs BIS. This sort of thing should have been caught way before 1.54 was released...come on guys! I read my .rpt file and saw the issues was 3DEN and then I came on here to create a ticket, no surprise it's already up.

in relation with CBA or Not ? I have not tested yet.

new changelog line 2

No relation with CBA, but yeah the solution for now is to remove all references to "3DEN" from mission.sqm.

There will be two references, one under addOns and one under autoAddOns. Use Ctrl+F of course.

BTW BIS seems to be aware of this issue, and a hotfix is now in RC.

KiTooN added a comment.Dec 3 2015, 8:52 PM

Just checked, the issue is resolved in the hotfix
Thx, BIS :)

Except the hotfix didn't fix the issue... :(
The 3den line is coming back, even after deleting it.

The Zeus module is adding the 3den addon requirement.
Please fix this.

That's normal man. The fix was to allow missions to be played with that there. This is all part of future plans. No need to worry or remove that line anymore

Sorry to disagree JCae but our server can't load mission with those lines.
This need to be fixed ASAP.

For me it is OK now on server and with the Editor, even with "3DEN" in the addon [] list of the mission.sqm file.

this is RESOLVED. TY!

Koala added a comment.Jan 30 2016, 1:26 AM

According to the ticket author the issue got resolved.