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Every time i start the game i get an error that says Status_Elevation_Required.0xc000042c {F27368} {F27369}


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Try to start the game

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Have tried to verify game cache VIA steam. No results. Uninstalled and Reinstalled. No results. Still have the same issues.

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Have you tried running the game as administrator? The Requires elevation status is a symptom of the increased security measures that have been implemented in newer windows.

The term "elevation" simply means that you need a "higher" level of access to the system than you currently have. The privileges associated with your current login need to be temporarily raised or "elevated" to a more privileged or powerful level.

In practice, all this really means is that you need to be the administrator, or that you need to allow the program trying to run to elevate itself to administrative privileges by typing in the administrator password.

Ran as admin as suggested, no longer getting status elevation required. New error is presenting itself. Reference the attached error report. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still presents the same issue. Verified steam cache, still have the same issue. Please Help.

same exact thing happening to me

I get that because it launches two copies of Arma 3 - one fails the other one launches

My Arma 3 has now started to crash on startup and it crashes the whole computer. Tried reinstalling Arma and chaning installation paths etc. but still happens every time. It started after downloading the Encore update while switching from dev branch at the same time. Anything I could try?