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Loading screen apears every 10 secons while starting multiplayer session
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Loading screen pops up only while I selecting map and mission.
It behaves like refreshing page after subscribing on mission on workshop. It reset mission selection to "<<New - Editor>>". It's very quick, so I start editor instead of mission when trying to press "Play" button.
Screen appears only when you have workshop missions. It reset selected mission in list only if workshop mission was selected.
I have unsubscribed all workshop missions and loading screen has gone.
After that I subscribe 2 missions:
And they are not appeared in missions list. But loading screen pops up twice with interval about 10 seconds.
So, it seems, game trying to handle mission download complete event, but fails. Maybe bacause I haven't some addons that mission has required? {F27361} {F27362}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • subscribe any workshop missions that will not appear in multiplayer mission list. Than more - than better - loading screen will pops up for longer time.
  • try to start new multiplayer game. Doesn't matter LAN or Internet, It will pops up even on briefing map before game starts.
  • Maybe it's better to use slow hdd
Additional Information

My friend don't see loading screen at all. He thought that it just selected mission cursor goes to top.
We are both use devbranch.
I think this issue is related to this,
but I am not sure.
Should I attach any error log?

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Hello, i was unfortunately unable to reproduce the issue. Is the issue reproducible only on modded content? Or does it affect Vanilla content too if the missions from steam workshop are present?

It affect Vanilla content if the missions from steam workshop are present.

I have unsubscribed on all items including mods. Turned off local mods. No loading screen.
After I have subscibed this
mission loading screen immediately appears, but after loading there is no this mission in mission list.
Now it loads every time when I am trying to host multiplayer game.

This mission
appears in list, but forces loading screen to pop up several times.
Including CBA (mission requires) doesn't help.

This writes to .rpt file on every loading popup

A3\Missions_F_Heli\MPScenarios\MP_GroundSupport04.Altis: string @STR_A3_MP_GS_SC_04_Overview_text cannot be localized client-side - move to global stringtable

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I've got exactly the same issue as the author described.
I don't exactly know, when the error appeared. 10th November was the last time I played WITHOUT this issue.

Maybe this helps a littlebit for analysing this issue:
My Graphic settings:
Nvidia GTX 970 @ 3440x1440 resolution

I am using Windows 10
Also I am using TrackIR 4

best regards,

It's been happening since October 9th at the latest.

Dev version 133493 claimed this was fixed, but it's not.