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Make it possible to put private markers on map/make individual maps
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Found that it is ompossible to put private marker - marker visible only for player. Even marker placed in Direct Channel is visible to person standing near you.

Here is a feature request:

  1. Add new channel (customizable?) that will give ability to put private markers or that may be configured to do that (channel with settings - distance of marker sync)
  1. Add individual maps for hardcore players. Every player has it is own map. Markers placed on map will not sync between maps. Another player can take your map and see all your markers.


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Duplicate of #0026391

Above ticket has a poor description but the same request.

My question to you: Please explain, why do we need that feature?

This improvements make possible realistic map handling and will not break anything. Mission makers or server admins get instruments to make immersive gameplay.