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Cargo animations in vehicles.
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Hi, there is big issue with Soldiers sitting in cargo in trucks, and many other vehicles (modded too). I've got video showing proper weapon holding while in cargo:

This animation would avoid unnecessary effects like rifle's barrels penetrating the roof. As far as i remember this animations was used in Operation flashpoint.


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Get in any truck with LONG RIFLE at cargo seats, watch how your rifle will be noticeable throught the roof

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I don't understand this ticket, in most vehicles cargo spaces the weapons don't show at all except the ffv positions. Are you using mods?

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Yes. its mostly about them, but on vanilla trucks this problem occur (was) as well Till longer rifle, the problem is bigger. Its barrel penetrate the "tent" of the truck cargo and its vivible outside the truck. Deleting weapons doesnt resolve problem, its only temponrary fix - where the soldiers stored their weapons? magicly disapeared?

I'm curious about this case, since I agree that hiding weapons is not a good solution. I looks cool and realistic if soldiers carry their weapons in cargo (like in OFP).

If your ticket is about mods then the developers probably won't solve it. Their solution is hiding the weapons. Then it's better to change this ticket to 'request make weapons visible in cargo OFP style'.

I asked a question about this in the forums once:

Every vehicle has a config with this:
hideWeaponsCargo = true;

I suspect a mod with this would make weapons show OFP style without sticking into the vehicle.

Just to clarify, my mod remark was a suggestion to see how it looks. I really hope this gets an official solution for vanilla Arma; the crew in cargo looked very good in OFP with weapons. The weapons add a big amount to the identity of the soldiers. Besides, you have something to look at all the while, while sitting in cargo.

Correct me if i'm wrong but in arma 2 was the same animations when you were sitting in MI-24 cargo. So that means there is no much job for it, as there are already good animations to use.

In some parts of Arma3, the animation is still preserved. For instance in the passenger position next to the driver in the Offroad vehicle. Here it looks very cool, even with longer guns.

I hope all or most cargo positions, in helicopters, trucks, etc. would look like this.

I'm also wondering if hiding the weapons is because of visual issues (clipping) or performance issues, where showing the weapons possibly decreases FPS.

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FPS decreassing? First time i heard.... It have nothing to do with FPS, same soldiers with same weapons will disembark and will fight, with same number of FPS.

I'm guessing! :-) Maybe in MP, flying in fast helicopter, all the soldiers + weapons have to move at same high speed. Like I said, I'm guessing, I can't understand otherwise why the weapons are hidden, it looks so much better with the weapons. :-) And with the right position like you are saying, clipping would not be a big problem.

Yeah, i noticed in mod (RHS) that in MI-24 there is also good animation (no option to weapon clipping through the roof), so there is enough animations to use, Bohemia, show us how to use that opportunity