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Easy auto fit for connected object placement in the Eden editor.
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This is a request for an easy object auto fit for the Eden editor. For example I want to put a .50 cal in the small bunker. In the normal editor this is a pain in the ass so what we need is an auto fit function that will place my .50 cal in my small bunker perfectly. Next example when placing multiple sand bags the auto fit function could connect them perfectly so that they won't have small spaces in betwin of them and they won't go one into the other. This would also mean that we need to be able to set up object groups. For example I have made a nice wall of sand bags with the auto fit function but I don't like the place. So instead of moving those sand bags one by one I could select them all give them a object name and move them all with one clic.


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The auto place object on terrain/other object has been nicely implemented just like I asked.

Still need to check if I can group objects

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