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Map Sync
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Map synchronized with channels, also it synchronized with player (you can pick up any map and there will be your marks)


  • remove sync of simple map
  • add 3 types of GPS (AAF,NATO,CSAT)


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Koala added a comment.Nov 2 2015, 5:10 PM

Please explain, why do we need this?

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 1:02 PM

Imagine situation when you playing in BECTI mode for example, and you neutralized enemy player, you took his map for information about some stuff, and there's your marks, it's just a paper how that possible! realism -999mlrd
also military guys using different models of navigation computers in different armies (these computers probably with sync function)

Dont understand why people downvote?? What this is about is that every map will be unique. If you pick up an enemy map you can see the markers the enemy had. Thats called a milsim not battfield.

Koala added a comment.Nov 11 2015, 9:47 PM

Imagine, how many people would draw penises or other offensive things on their maps, just because they know, that there will be someone, who will take a look on it.

It has nothing todo with the sync. They draw them anyway.

I fully agree. Here I posted one feature request close to this one

Give mission maker ability to choose that option. Map syncronization brakes immersion. Just make it selectable and no one will be offended.

I dont think people downvote the idea, but rather the poor presentation

Or you can get ACE3 which has maptools where you can copy someones map. BIS isn't going to add this to the game because it is already in ACE3.

You are totally wrong. There is no such funcionality in ACE3. You cannot pick up enemy map and see enemy markers.

Agree with ruPaladin. The other thing is only because its in a mod doesnt mean BIS wont add it. Thats a totally wrong picture of BI. If we say we would like to habe this in vanilla there is a chance to get it or we get a workaround how to mod this in a good way. Thats why we have this Feedbacktracker. And if you know how to fix this problem : make a mod ... upload it here... say BI they are allowed to use it.

Well, I hope with new system for mod downloading, more people start use ACE3, with is insane mode. Wondering why it still not in the standard ArmA 3.