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When I play any Battleye equipped game as long as I have Battleye enabled when I try to move in-game it freezes.
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Ok so this started recently. Whenever I try to move in-game it freezes until I let go of movement key. But if I turn Battleye off then it doesn't do it.


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Have you tried reinstalling BattlEye? Also check your other programs if they have set their hotkeys familiar to your controls in Arma 3.

I have lots of programs on my PC it would be impossible to go through each one comparing them to Arma3/2/DayZ controls...

As long you don't have to much programs running at the same time. Might be causing compatibility issues when certain are on.

Oh well that isn't the problem then... Am I the first person to be having this issue?!

Does no one have any other suggestions?

Seems like Battleye would care to fix crap like this.

I'm having the same issue.

If I start the game with Battleye enabled, any keypress brings the game down to 0 fps (happens even in the main menu), and after releasing the key it takes a bit to catch up and get back to the usual fps.

This happens only with the keyboard. I haven't noticed anything wrong with the mouse or even a controller, and I tried more than one keyboard.

It might be the same thing as issue #0024435, but I tried updating drivers and running a malware scan, but it wasn't fixed