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To-199 Neophrone: No panel/gauge lights at night.
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I just recently noticed there are no panel lights or gauge lights at night. The interior panel lighting seems to be in a engine off lighting scenario. With the engine on, interior panel lights should be on.

After further reproducing this bug within other relatively default scenarios, this bug definitely looks like a typical bug. If I'm not mistaken, the panel is lit during the day, but the panel does not light at night for some odd reason.

To further note, when turning on the engines of the To-199, the panel is activating the simulated LCD screen, but apparently the simulated LCD/LED back lighting is in a turned-off state. Hence, users can use the stated WORKAROUND of using night vision googles to read the simulated LED/LCD display.


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Set to night time within the editor. The following is within the Vehicle Initialization box. (The first part isn't needed, but I put the first part in just in case the prelude is causing the problem.)

this addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}]; player addVest "V_TacVest_oli"; removebackpack this; this addbackpack "B_Parachute"; player addItem "NVGoggles"; player assignItem "NVGoggles"; player addItem "ItemGPS"; player assignItem "ItemGPS"; this setPos [getPos this select 0,getpos this select 1,200]; this setVelocity [(vectorDir this select 0)*100,(vectorDir this select 1)*100,(vectorDir this select 2)*300]; this action ["LightOn", this]; this action ["CollisionLightOn", this]; this action ["FlapsDown", this]; this action ["FlapsDown", this]; this action ["WheelsBrakeOn", this]; this action ["LandGear", this]; this action ["EngineOn", this];

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Even more extremely difficult to safely land without seeing the Vertical Speed indicator!

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WORKAROUND: Wearing night vision, players can just barely read the gauges.

Ditto. Looks like a duplicate of Bug #26027

However from my memory, this bug only effects certain aircraft, the To-199 Neophron being one of them.

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This note is not related to the issue.

rogerx I wonder if you can give some advice about where to find reference to scripting in Arma 3, where do you find all the functions and object members?

I also want to learn the syntax, operators etc. Does the scripting language in Arma 3 have a name or a project descriptor that I can lookup to get to know more about the language?

Vitdom: Yea this is probably off-topic, but probably no better topic title then something concerning the Opposition Nymph! And the fact that I enjoy open source seem to go hand in hand.

From what I've seen so far and I've only written some random small snippets of the SQF syntax scripting, compared to C and Unix/Linux SH/Bash scripting; the SQF scripting language utilized by the ARMA series of games is called SQF, or a scripting language having a SQF syntax. (When using text editors, you'll want to use the SQF syntax for coloring your text or script within the editor.)

It does not appear that there is an all in one inclusive source of information concerning the language and functions used within each game version, but spread about Bohemia's domains.

If you have questions, people usually point you towards Bohemia Interactive's forums. Usually most developers are grateful and willing to help most people. And if you have an "Oh my God" great idea, you may see the idea readily employed. Just be advised some people you might come across do get hostile within the forums, and probably best to just avoid them.

Following are my URLS for referencing: (ie. The Developer Changelog may include function naming conversions, and maybe needed to update your scripts.)

After reading quite a bit of the already written scripting, I would suggest having some experience at writing SH/Bash and even C programs, as the scripting language is reminiscent of a stripped-down Sh or C shell. Be consistent with your spacing and know how the computer reads code. Use good variable naming and please please make sure you comment your code well! I would suggest ignoring the people claiming too many comments or statements not needing comments, as comments will not or should not slow the computer any. (I guess some people enjoy unreadable code, as it keeps them employed or fear becoming unemployed.)

Also within the 3D game editor, I think press ESC and you'll be given a menu for finding functions and/or classes. I've found this method difficult to use and maybe better streamlined when they deploy the Eden editor. But this method of finding the most current functions or classes to be the most accurate, but lacks the documentation similar to the above URL's.

Oh, and do not forget to make back-ups of your scripts. Use of a version system (ie. CVS, SVN, Git, ...) or simply backup your scripts be using a date suffix such as script-20151125.sqf. (On Unix/Linux, we just do script.sqf.20151125.) When packaging, make sure your file are contained within a version or dated suffixed sub-folder. (ie. MyScript-20151125/)

I included a few Windows related solutions to some hiccups I've seen within past Windows related packages.

Good luck!