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FSAA and smoke cause performance impact.
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Looking at smoke, from a smoke grenade, causes a big frame drop when FSAA is on. Even though it looks exactly the same when FSAA is off. {F27270} {F27271}


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Steps To Reproduce

• Throw a smoke.
• Look at it FSAA on 8x and disabled.

Additional Information

Looking at the sea from above also causes same kind of effect with no real visual improvement.

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FSAA is framerate killer, specially on 8x, its not a secret, its a fact. Give us your PC specs. I have high-end machine, but i have low fps with FSAA as well. If you are using 1920 x 1080 using FXAA is just useless.

Well to my knowledge it's not really a framerate killer, as I'm able to use it quite happily with FPS being 55-60 in an empty world. That is until a smoke grenade is thrown or I look the sea from certain angles.

And this is about FSAA and smoke affecting performance, so I really don't see how my specs come into account.

The only thing we are interested in is that if it happens to other people too, or is it just a one off thing.

"If you are using 1920 x 1080 using FXAA is just useless"


OP: I recommend FSAA 4x plus CMAA in post-process antialiasing for better performance while similar quality.