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Bis_fnc_Arsenal adds an "attachedObject" to the player at each opening. (cumulative)
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Each time you open virtual arsenal (using BIS_fnc_Arsenal), you "attach" an object (probably a weaponHolder), but this one remains after arsenal is closed.

Such commands like attachedObjects are jammed with this problem.

Number of attached objects is cumulative (can returns how many time Arsenal has been opened!)


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Operating System
Windows 7
Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce

make Arsenal usable in game. in debug console:
0 = [] spawn {while {true} do {sleep 0.1; hint format ["%1",count attachedObjects player]}};
open/close arsenal.

Additional Information

That doesn't occur when player is grabbing weapon on floor, even if this one is spawned via a "groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle...
It seems the problem comes from arsenal. A simple detach commands could do the job.

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Anything to do with that ?

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