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Pressing H in Splendid Camera does not hide the cursor
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While using the Splendid Camera, one would expect the 'H' hotkey to hide all elements of the UI including the cursor. It does not. Using the splendid camera for video (and for easy still photo ease) is impossible. I don't know if this is a bug or intended feature, but it should be fixed.

Solution 1:
Open Splendid Camera, entire UI is visible.
Press H, and the UI disappears except for the cursor.
Press H again, and the cursor disappears leaving the screen completely free of UI elements.
Press H a third time, and the entire UI becomes visible including the cursor.\

Solution 2:
Pressing H will make everything go away and pressing it a second time will make everything appear.


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Isn't L key removed all the UI......

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All UI...... except the cursor.

What situation will this be helpful?

Why would removing the cursor from Splendid Camera along with the rest of the UI be helpful? I don't know, so when someone uses the CAMERA to capture images or video, there isn't a cursor in the picture or movie?

Or I'm sure you just love the cursor in cinematic movies.

Wait... What do you mean? The L key works with the Old Camera and Slendid Camera and removed all UI including the cursor. So what your saying when you remove the UI. It removes the UI, but excluding the cursor? If so, might be your end with the issue.