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[Feature request] New activation of Rotation Widget
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I have suggestion that could improve the usability of rotation widget - you won't need the Rotation widget button - you choose the object, you hold [Shift] - rotation widget will be activated and you will see the 3 rotation axys like you do when you click the rotation widget button. You will see it as long as you hold [Shift] button. It will disappear as long as you stop holding [Shift]. If you hit [Shift] twice, the rotation axys widget will be activated persistently unless you hit [Shift] twice again.


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Quoting from BIS forums feedback thread:
please streamline modifiers, s.t. I can hit shift (to rotate) even if I already have something selected (i.e. placement/moving is currently active), thereby going from placement/movement mode to rotation mode in a heartbeat. >>Currently I have to stop placeing/moving first, then hit the modifier, and start dragging again, where as just hitting the modifier should do to toggle modes<<.

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The Shift key is already in use to change the orientation of the object.

Please vote for that ticket: #0025729 if you like the idea of customizing keys for the Eden 3D editor.

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by random I found out how to activate the Translation/Rotation/Area Scaling/No Widget with a single key press.

Just press the space key to switch between these four Widgets.

It is not the one key solution you really want, but it's a fast solution without using the widget icons in Eden.