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I see there is more trolls every day who downvoting ALL tickets (including mine) just for joy. If someone disagree with ticket let it be as it is without voting up instead.


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Aren't you vlad_8011 that got banned for trolling, and now you complain because you got trolled? Hilarious!

vlad_8011 is my firend and i know he get banned. I'm not complain, i'm just writing how it is. Look for tickets (newest) allways 1-2 votes down. Its the same one person who downvoting all NEW fresh created tickets (LIKE THIS ONE AS WELL). This person cant think by himself and actually dont know what is doing. Slowering priorities of all tickets by voting down makes a chaos in support crew = game have still same bugs.

Sorry, if I won't believe you. Your account appeared about the same time vlad_8011 account got banned and then you started bumping vlad_8011 tickets. I hate to think that you are lying to me, this is not cool.