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Feature Request - Nvidia WaveWorks for realistic sea behaviour
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Dear developers and community,

today I've seen a trailer about an engine upgrade for the game "War Thunder".

At 1:49 you can see the "Nvidia Waveworks" in action and I was pretty amazed.
Here you can find the trailer:

What do you guys think about that feature? Would it be possible, to see a feature like that in Arma 3?


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This would be fucking amazing in A3! Up voted this!

Well they are going to upgrade the water fog and give the water reflections (which is really awesome). And in the Tanoa trailer I think I saw shoreline waves

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At least, the ticket got acknowledged.

It would be great, if we will receive more informations or updates.

Keep up the good work

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Wow , that's awesome! Nice feature!

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Definitely an awesome technology and it would enhance Tanoa quite a lot.

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