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Commands "dostop this" and "commandstop this" are not working for vehicles
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When units will hear the firefight they will start move.


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Create units with described commands, and watch their behavior while there will be fight nearby.

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As far as i know, this script only works for infantry. It also doesn,t work for units in groups. I don't know any script that disables the AI to move when they are in a vehicle.

So how i can stop the vehicle? This command must work for both. Who is downvotin all tickets? Doest the stupidness comes even for games feedback tracker? This people is simply sick.

doStop doesn't prevent units from engaging. If you want a group or single unit to stay put with doStop, you must use groupName enableAttack false. Or unitName disableAI "MOVE", but then the unit will be stuck on the spot, unable to turn.

But in case of tanks - will be able to trun turret? I'm making tanks entrebched on defent position and want them move after defend. There is no option to stop the tanks on place - i even created waypoints to hold the place WITH timer and it wasnt working (so after timer counts to zero, vehicle will move).

In case of tanks - there is NO WORKING COMMAND.