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Bad French translation
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-In Marksmen showcase

.In "situation", "balayer et nettoyer" is not really good, "nettoyer" is sufficient enough.

.In "mission", the second sentence "selon l'aaf, les fia se reposent sur le camouflage au lieu de défenses renforcées" ----> don't understand, it does mean nothing in French.

What is the english for this text? I can provide a better translation.

.In the first dialog, "Préparation d'engagement" should be changed to "Paré à engager" or "Je me prépare à engager"

.Once we're in the chopper, during the dialog in which HQ informs us about the second base, it says "restez en suspens pour plus d'informations". It would better be "Restez à l'écoute" or "restez en attente, d'autres informations vont suivre."

.The answer of this dialog is "Compris. Vipère-Noire en suspens." It should better be "De Vipère-Noire, compris. Je reste à l'écoute."

.When we're being provided more informations, "défenses critiques" is not right. I suggest "leurs points de défense prioritaires."

.The last dialog : "Hydra entrant" should be replaced by "Hydra en approche".

-In "FFV" showcase

.In "Signal", "Archange - entrant greyhawk UAV" should be replaced by "Archange - UAV Greyhawk"

.In "Mission", "Romeo 1 et Romeo 2 vous transportera"----> "vous transporteront" (as they are 2 of them - plurial); "où vous conduirez les recherches et les secours de l'équipage"-----> "où vous conduirez les opérations de recherche et secours (or "sauvetage" instead of secours)".

.in "Situation", same thing "pour conduire les recherches et secours"----> "pour conduire les opérations de recherche et secours (or "sauvetage" instead of secours)"

.In the first dialog, when Braodway is speaking "Validé" isn't rigt. Should be replaced by "Reçu". Also, "technicals" (in english) should be translated as "pickups armés"; also, "grid square 10 17" is translated as "grille carré". It would better fit as just "grille".

.When being engaged at the crash site, "nous ripostons les tirs" is wrong. it's either "nous ripostons aux tirs" or "nous ripostons".; same thing as before, "technical" is translated as "technicien" in "we have a technical down there" is "nous avons un technicien ici". wrong again, should be "il y a un véhicule armé ici" or "il y a un pick up armé ici"

.Same thing after destroying the wreck "technicals split up" shouldn't be "les techniciens se sont séparés" but "les véhicules se sont séparés". right after that, "stand by for tasking" is translated as "en attente sur la mission". it should be "en attente d'objectif" or "en attente, mise à jour des objectifs"

.After being dropped "boots on the ground" should be translated as "equipe au sol" or "nous sommes au sol".

.When Romeo is flying over the city, "i relay it back to you" is translated as "je vous le relaie en retour". It should be "je vous relaie les informations" or "je vous tiens au courant".

.Right after being hit, the chopper says "one technical at the gas station". same as before, "technical" is not "technicien". should replace "technicien" by "véhicule armé" or "pickup armé".

.When Broadway says "uh-80 ghosthawk on stand by", it's translated as "en suspens". It should be "en attente" instead.

.When we secure the pilots, the ghosthawk is approaching. in the dialog, it's said "thunder entrant" ---> should be "thunder en approche"

.When we're onboard the ghosthawk, the dialog says we have the pilots with us. it's translated "avec le paquet en remorque" whereas it should be "avec le paquet à bord" or just "avec le paquet".

.In the same dialog, "relaying to the AAF" is translated as "relais avec le commandement AAF". it should be "on relaie l'information au commandement AAF".

.Also, in this mission and others, "solid copy" is translated as "confirmé". it should be "bien reçu".


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There are still lot more to report, can't do the whole thing here though

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Thank you for these reports! I have fixed as much as I could. If you could check the fixes after the next Steam development branch update, that would be wonderful. Just report anything that is still wrong. Also a suggestion how to make me spotting the mistakes easier - please always submit a screenshot showing the error so that I can find the text. It is not always possible without a screenshot. So it is better to always add screenshots to your reports. Thanks!