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Arma 3 still using the Old Prone, Moving Forward, Stand Up Animation from Arma 1
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Arma 3 is still using the old animation from Arma 1. This is also present in Arma 2. I noticed this because I set my controls to be similar to Arma 2. Specifically changed Z=Prone, X=Crouch, and C=Prone controls. Also this can also be noticed when on AIs too.


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Steps To Reproduce

(Setting Up Controls)

  1. Go to the Control Settings.
  2. Go to Presets and change Preset to Arma 2.

(Steps to Reproduce)

  1. Be an Infantry.
  2. Go Prone.
  3. Move Forward while prone.
  4. Stand up while doing Step "5." (For Arma 2 Preset: C).
  1. Notice your character uses the old animation from Arma 1.
Additional Information

In you control settings, change "Prone (Toggle) - Z", "Crouch (Toggle) - C", and "Prone (Toggle) - C".

Uploaded video of the issue in action:

(Noticed some time ago that this old animation also apply to just moving forward normal while prone then stand up.)

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So you say the animation is different depending on the used key bindings?

The animation that you see there is an old animation from ArmA 1. Also present in Arma 2. The devs didn't care or forgot to replace the old animation because of the default key bindings they made to their game. Which the default key bindings can't make you stand immediately while evasive, prone, forward. But instead you can only go to crouch than stand.

I noticed some time ago that this old animation also apply to just moving forward normally while prone and then standing up.

So I did some edits and changes