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Random game crash, full lock up, requires task manager to get out of full black screen.
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Crashes seem completely random. I cannot link any of my actions during game play that correspond to the crashes. On the most recent crash that I have attached the dump files for I was aiming at a UAV and once I hit the fire button the game crashed.


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I have not tried to reproduce the crashes

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I got one crash yesterday, but i am not sure if its caused by addons or rather the game itself.

This seems to be caused by the game engine when the cpu enters a deadlock state, I have first hand experience of this issue.

Adam added a comment.Sep 29 2015, 8:37 AM

Could you please try reproducing the issue without any mods? Thanks!

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Played without any mods for a while, unable to reproduce the issue.

im playing without mods and im completely reproducing the issue, what did you error say?