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Update Failue
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Fails as in image then closes only happens with Play With Six works fine with arma 3 Launcher {F27123}


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Steps To Reproduce

1:Open Play with Six
2:Start arma 3 through play with six
3: observe issue

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People are you nuts? It play with Six problem, not Bohemia. Please write this to play with six and stop spamming feedback tracker.

@Fighting Power your note was not useful to the issue at all. The issue is in BattlEye's updating and therefore a issue for BI. Play with six has been running fine and hasn't had a update for a while. A change has been made to BattlEye as its running a update program where the issue is.

As a developer my self I know you always report the issue to the owner of the software that has the issue if they wish to pass it on to other parties that could be involved that's their decision.

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This is a Play With Six issue. Fighting Power is right.

Every kind of issue should be reproducable with the vanilla version of Arma 3 (no mods, scripts, third party software etc.).

Open a ticket in the Play With Six issue tracker!